New single

So the second kismai single is coming out nearish to Christmas :D HYPE. 
But I think no I know that type A will be gone by then, so I am going to have to order it early :D 

Can't wait though, those guys are worth all my money :L 

Kismai DVD

So I got my Kismai DVD and I must say I don't regret anything.
It is such an amazing experience, that I almost cried in some parts, those fans are so lucky to be able to go to see them live. :D 

I urge everyone to buy it! 

(no subject)

So I've heard that Ouran High School Host Club is finshed and a movie will be out soon. Which I am really excited about. So far it's a fantastic drama not to mention it was my first time seeing Yamamoto Yusuke act. I'm trying to find another good drama hes been in. :)