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Wonderful World of JeanZ

Vita ago diligo vita - Live life, love life

19 September
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Hello the names Georgii XD

I live in England *jumps*

Contemno? May vestri animus exsisto servo..
Haters? May your souls be saved...

I do not understand how people could hate on J-pop, J-Rock and K-POP

If you come here you're Probably going to see a lot of fangirling and whatnot from bands to dramas XP

I love Kat Tun and Kismai, right now kismai has become a sort of obsession.
Fujigaya and Koki :P Something I wouldn't mind seeing :L

I also Will try to upload shizz, if I can figure out how to work this thing. :L

Hopefully if I can get the hang of working Live Journal, I can make it look better because right now it looks pretty crappy ¬.¬

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